Oh, the never ending metaphors on life. I have to shake my head and laugh at how we grasp at straws to describe what it’s like to live. For me, I’ve always just taken life a day at a time. I’m a planner but not long range.  I never dreamt of my wedding day, picked baby names before I even thought of having children or designed my dream home in hopes of “one day”.

Calvin and Hobbes

Many people plan their lives around family, career, beauty, intelligence, freedom, or ideals. Order, beauty, freedom and simplicity are important to me.  However, they are not what I’ve based my life on or what I expect.  Over the years, in my little corner of the world, I’ve come to learn a couple of things.

  1. Life isn’t what I make it. Granted, there have been times I’ve tried. There have been circumstances that have been beyond my control. Places I’ve loved and enjoyed that I no longer call home. Houses where I brought children home from the hospital and where they had their first steps that we no longer live in. I’ve learned that circumstances change. Memories last even when you no longer sweep those floors everyday. And no matter how much you enjoy the cityscape, the skyline doesn’t make the place, the people do.
  2. My life isn’t mine to make.  As an older child I made the decision to accept the free gift of salvation offered to me through Jesus Christ. In accepting that gift, I’ve learned so much about sacrificial love and following The One True God who created me with a purpose and a plan. His design and plan for me, my husband and our family is greater, and of far more value than any I, or we, could design apart from Him.

We’ve chosen the path of faith through this life, both individually and together. What the ins and outs looks like daily differ.  What it always looks like is looking to and leaning on Christ, living in reliance upon His Holy Spirit and trusting the plan Almighty God has laid out in scripture. For me, that is vital.  He is my source of Life.

So, while you are here you may see posts that are devotional in nature, posts on parenting, homeschool or marriage, posts related to leadership or the church, understand this is from my perspective.  This is a glimpse at my faith path.