Dear Ann,

We had quite the introduction today. I must say it was refreshing to become acquainted with an inspirational woman, such as yourself. Your strength and confidence was simply empowering. As I sat hearing your story, many things piqued my interest. Why would a woman, like yourself, choose to go against the grain of your time, moving out of your father’s house before you were even married? What was it like to immerse yourself into study that was not thought to even be for women at that time? And not to mention, moving to a new continent only two weeks after you married. The lessons I could learn from time with you.

Oh Ann, I wish to be able to just sit and listen to you – as a woman, wife, mother and missionary. You are inspiring as a Christ-follower and disciple-maker. You studied theology out of desire not obligation. You saw the need for the education of women and made a way. It amazes me the dedication you had in learning a new language and of translating The Scriptures into it for the benefit of the native speakers. Your desire to rescue young girls from slavery and educate them to give them a chance, awe-inspiring. You were a trailblazer.

Yet, you were not a stranger to loss and pain. You cared for your imprisoned husband for nearly one and a half years, following him from prison to prison. You stood on his behalf before government officials, pleading his case. All the while carrying three children, at different times, and burying two before illness and death claimed your own life.

Oh, dear Ann, you are a mighty example for me. That I would serve our Lord, Jesus, the way you have: whole-heartedly and without despair, willing to leave everything behind for the joy that lay before you. You served your family, the Burmese people and most of all your God with great devotion. You did not allow an unbelieving world to shape and mold you into who they thought you should be. Ann, you were always true to the Creator’s unique design for your life.  Thank you for such a mighty example of a woman of God. I’m sure to find other resources in order to learn more about your life and the legacy you have left women living on mission today.