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We were talking about this just last week in Sunday school. Who is my neighbor? What interesting neighbors have we had? The ones we are most thankful for…or remember the best. Truth is I need neighbors now. The good Samaritan did not physically live by the Jewish man who was beat to a bloody pulp. He simply found him on the road and gave aid to his need. Isn’t that what we all need, for someone to find us on the road and lend their aid? As a woman it is often difficult for me to trust other women. I have found our ways and means of attack are often mental and emotional rather than physical. To trust my neighbors would be potentially painful and disabling. And we are all there at some point…swallowed by pain and physically, emotionally or mentally unable to move on. Lord, help me to be a neighbor to those in need. To not worry so much about my own safety or inability that I miss meeting someone else where they are and forego the opportunity to walk the road with them.